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Other projects

Other projects

Ramadan project

In collaboration with the LIFE Foundation, Ramadan project has been implemented in different areas. 250 food parcels have been distributed to needy families who live in poverty and suffering. This project has alleviated the suffering, particularly in the very poor areas where there aren't proper living conditions along with the lack of electricity, water and Health centers. The aim of this project is to achieve the principles of solidarity and assure those groups that we are there for them.



Who We Are?

The Center offers a wide range of opportunities for participants to develop their communication and advocacy and strategic non-violence skills, as well as several microeconomic initiatives that empower local residents to overcome the many obstacles they face. It also works to restore devastated agricultural lands through land rehabilitation initiatives. Through its wide range of empowering community-oriented programs, the Center has built strong ties of support and solidarity among rural West Bank residents.


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