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GreenHouse Report

GreenHouse Report

The Center for Freedom and Justice in cooperation with a local construction company and in funding of an Italian organization called “Bridges of Peace”, has established a greenhouses project called “Seed of Hope” in Beit Ummar, Safe area.

The establishment process has been begun after the rainy weather has over.

The center for Freedom and Justice has announced a quotation to establish greenhouses and it was set on a construction company called “Esrar for Iron Trading co”.

Esrar Company delivered all the iron and the items to establish three greenhouses and put them on the targeted land.

The iron of the three greenhouses including the arches was put on the land.

A digger with a tractor called “Yousef Sabarnah” had dig all the holes for the “bases” according to the marks.

An agricultural engineer called “Amgad Brigith” marked the site of the three greenhouses and used a balance to put all the iron straight.

After finishing from the holes and the balancing, four workers “Hasan Awad, Shadi Zaqiq, Nour Salibi and Ayman Alami” with the lead of “Majed Abu Maria” has begun to install the iron in the holes and to fix them with cement.

Internationals from Scotland has visit the site while workers installing the irons.

Internationals from the Japanese government has visited the site.

All the irons have been fixed and strengthened on the land.

The arches had been put after installing the bases on the ground.

All the stages of establishing the greenhouses was supervised by our agricultural committee and with the lead of Mousa Abu Maria.

Many international volunteers from Ireland and tourists the UK has come to visit the project including the Japanese government.

The three greenhouses now are finish with the skeleton shape and now we will put the plastic to cover it.



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