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Khutwat Trainings

Project Summary

This project is targeting the students and their mother's  in two schools male &female(Ziad Jaber, & Al Zahra'a elementary schools), that are located in Al Sahla, Wadi Al Nassara; that is one of the most dangerous areas because of its proximity to Keryat Arba settlement, students have been subjected to different kinds of violence including arresting, beating and attacking both by soldiers and settlers.

Goals and Objectives

The project aims at helping children and their mothers' through facilitating safe environment, psychosocial support need and using art as a way to relief pressure from those who are suffering psychological & psychosocial problems . By increasing mother’s knowledge and skills in parenting skills, problem solving and children developmental needs.

With the creation of a positive life values among children, decrease tension, and providing them with tools to face and solve their problems. We think that children will benefit, and mothers will be able to implement children rights, and lead a participant role in her family, which will lead to normal development of children.


  1. To Increase the awareness of mothers in child developmental needs of their children
  2. To build mother's capacity in parenting skills, communication and problem solving.
  3. Increasing Awareness of Children in Child’s Rights
  4. To Enable Children from Acquiring Self-esteem through Art Critic Offers
  5. To provide children with an opportunity to ventilate and Express their Feeling

Start Up

The project was aimed to start by the beginning of March, but for specific reasons there was a delay in the starting date; these reasons were related to having approvals from directorate of education. Finally the project was able to start officially by 10th of April.

Expected results:

  1. Forty women will be trained on principles of child developmental needs
  2. Forty women will be trained on parenting skills, communication, and problem solving
  3. Eighty children (males and females) from sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades will  undergo life skills trainings including communication, problem solving, leadership,  team building, creative thinking, time management, how to start an initiative, and children rights.
  4. Eighty children will undergo art trainings including theatre and dabka

Current Status

  1. Twenty one hours of mother's training was divided between the two schools with five meetings in each school have been done
  2. Thirty six hours of capacity building training of children was divided between the two schools with 18 hours in each school have been done.
  3. One hundred forty four hours of dabka and theatre were divided between the two schools with seventy two hours per each school have been started and still on going

Remaining activities

  1. Completion of dabka and theatre training will be end by the beginning of July
  2. Arrangements for the final ceremony
  3. Arrangements for the trip

Challenges and constraints

The project was faced with several challenges

These difficulties are:

  1. Delay in having consensus from directory of education
  2. Many occasions, holidays and even strikes( due to hunger strike) in solidarity with prisoners  took place during April, and May which forced us to postpone the activities several times.
  3. Interfering with another project related to YMCA, as they had an activity at the same time of ours in Ziad Jaber school.

The most important thing that we managed to do all the required trainings.

Center for freedom and justice; arranged to end the trainings during summer holiday.


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Who We Are?

The Center offers a wide range of opportunities for participants to develop their communication and advocacy and strategic non-violence skills, as well as several microeconomic initiatives that empower local residents to overcome the many obstacles they face. It also works to restore devastated agricultural lands through land rehabilitation initiatives. Through its wide range of empowering community-oriented programs, the Center has built strong ties of support and solidarity among rural West Bank residents.


Thank you for your donation.